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Thanks Ingvar 2 2, 11:26pm

Yes, a sad day. As nice as the joke with the coffin is, I really don't understand that everlasting fuzz about left over screws and unclear instructions. My impression is that every moron could assemble Ikea stuff... as long as s/he sticks to the instruction and doesn't try shortcuts or things s/he thinks to know better. The items I ever had problems with where cheap Ikea-copies, but never any genuine Ikea-item. And most of the time I was impressed by the craftspeoples' and engineers ingenuity, who designed the item. My big living room table, for example: I could take all parts out of the box in just the right order to assemble them, and when I was ready, there was a table upside-down in the box, just turn it over and - tadah!
I guess the poorly assembled coffin is due to Sweden's lack of concentration while he was mourning.
Rest in peace, Ingvar, and godspeed.