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Thanks Ingvar 2 2, 11:44pm


"My impression is that every moron could assemble Ikea stuff... as long as s/he sticks to the instruction and doesn't try shortcuts or things s/he thinks to know better."


That, in my experience, is the real problem.

People think they're too smart to need the instructions and spend 40 minutes ripping open every bag, mixing all the parts and putting them together in the wrong way.

Then they end up complaining about the stupid instructions that wasn't written in the way they thought the furniture should be assembled, whining about the screws they never understood where they should go since they assembled the piece incorrectly - or the screw that's missing because they've let it roll under the sofa.

Opening the bags in order, counting all pieces before you begin, reading through the instructions completely and then following them step by step no grown up could have a real problem assembling an IKEA piece, really.