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Thanks Ingvar 3 2, 12:26am

@Eldkatten I read your response and thought "hmm, probably German" and then I looked at the flag on your account and yep, German indeed. I'll try to explain: non-German people do not read instructions, nor do they want to do anything - and I mean ANYTHING - without taking a shortcut. We believe that we always know better than the engineers who designed the items. After all, they are not here right now with us in the room, so how could they possibly know how the thing is supposed to be that we are assembling? This is illogical, and we are aware of it, but we don't try to resolve the paradox because that is hard to do and it is easier to take the shortcut of not resolving the paradox. Thus we don't follow the instructions and always have a screw left over and items that do not work.

I learned this because my stepfather is of German lineage and an engineer, and for a while when he moved in we were all mystified at 1) how long it took him to do things, and 2) that things actually worked properly when he was finished with them.

RIP Ingvar