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Someone for Everyone 4 2, 12:04am


I'm not making an argument - I'm just letting foreigners know how Swedish culture works.
I know the logic behind this social rule breaks down when people haven't actually grown up here, and haven't had the chance to learn our norms - but I'm still only explaining how it actually works.
I do think most Swedes try to extend more understanding to people they understand are foreigners as they understand they don't know all the rules - but it doesn't completely stop your natural impulse to be annoyed by people breaking social norms.
And sometimes of course, you might not immediately understand that a person is a foreigner.

So this is a thing I simply would advice foreigners to think about if they visit Sweden at least - and I think the same can be said for the rest of Scandinavia and probably most of northern Europe as well.
It's just a bit of helpful advice - that's all. :-)

Also, I just have to point out the irony of a Canadian saying that there's such a thing as being "too polite".
Don't you have to resign your Canadian citizenship now or at least go on an apologize tour throughout the country? ;-)