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It's tradition 10 2, 8:07pm

This ... makes me remember one of my saddest memories. I'm Danish, and I used to do the whole whopping my parents out of bed with my fastelavnsris when I was little. Until one day in kindergarten, where we had made our own fastelavnsris, I saw one of them thrown on the ground outside when it was time to go home. It belonged to the sweetest little girl from my group, who had really awful parents, and it turned out that they had thrown it away because she had been enthusiastic about it. She came back and told us, innocent like kids are, that she wasn't allowed to have one because her parents would beat her if she used it on them.

That was the straw, and child services was involved. I was only very little, but I remember feeling sad every time I saw a fastelavnsris after that.

It's never been festive to me since.