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Like in the olden days 10 3, 1:10pm

@Dorsai Last ten strips:
Like in the Olden Days: About a comment Trump made
Every Time: About healthcare and taxation
Say Hello to My Little Friend: About a Russian children's book character/children's film character/stuffed animal
Suspicious: About the road to Eurovision
It's Tradition: About a Scandinavian holiday
Thanks Ingvar: A tribute to the recently deceased founder of IKEA
Yogurt as Far as the Eye Can See: About the differences between Canadian and Scandinavian dairy products
Someone for Everyone: About differences in typical speaking volume between different countries
I'm Batman: About a crappy Swedish translation
Return of the Lovable Dork: In which America returns to his pre-election look
When Cultures Meet (If you don't count Say Hello to my Little Friend as a strip): About differences between etiquette in different countries
Even if you don't count the one about Cherubrashka as a full strip, the next one is non-political. Only two are directly political, and one is indirectly political. Even though political strips are more common now, they're still greatly out-numbered by non-political strips.