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Like in the olden days 11 3, 4:35am

Someone winning an election with less than half of the vote is not democratic, plain and simple. That's why in every democracy majority is required, but it's unsurprising to me that you'd argue against simple facts with your usual endless textwalls of screeching. Nobody reads them anyway, and luckily I've already proven my point beyond doubt.

But so that outsiders reading this will surely understand my point, I'll demonstrate with a simple example why 50% is needed to win in a democracy and why in Europe in presidential election we have a second round with just two candidates if no one gets over 50%.
Let's have 4 candidates (usually there are more but this is a simplification).
Candidate A gets 35%, B 10%, C 30% and D 25%. Nobody gets over 50, so we go to a second round with A and C. A gets 45% and C gets 55%, therefore C wins this democratic election.

Of course, in the US election, Trump did get over 50% of the vote, which is required to win. Over 50% of the vote of the electors representing their states, that is, because the US is not a simple country like most others, it is a federation where states are represented.