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Like in the olden days 11 3, 5:23am

@Nisse_Hult Did you notice that the NYT piece you shared didn't even mention slavery or the three-fifths compromise? That's because it really has nothing to do with anything in the 21st century, and is only being dredged up today thanks to the hyper-polarized identity politics that we're currently suffering through.

As to 'one person one vote'...if you understand what people here are actually voting for, we're quite close to it. The US president is not a directly elected position - it is in fact elected by representatives of the states, not by the people. Early in our history, some states didn't even have popular elections for president, the state legislatures chose their representatives themselves. Over time (I think by 1832, but I am too lazy to look it up) all states have gone to systems whereby those representatives (the Electors you heard so much about, who together make up the Electoral College) are chosen by the people, but that's not actually a requirement...and as far as I know, any state that so decided could actually go back to the old method if they so choose.

What people vote for today are slates of electors....and that is very much one person, one vote. Sure, the ballot may have Trump and Clinton printed on it in big bold letters, but in reality who I voted for was not Donald Trump, but instead a group of people who pledged that they would vote for Donald Trump on behalf of the state of Georgia. And in doing so, my vote counted exactly the same as that of everyone else in Georgia.

It's complicated, and archaic...but it is suited to our particular circumstances and has worked quite well for 200+ years. And given how much of Europe hasn't gotten around to beheading their kings and queens yet, I'm not sure you're in a position to criticize.