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Like in the olden days 11 3, 7:38am


It very much has something to do with today, because as I said - that's where the original problem started.

Once the principle that rural, low population areas, where given preferential treatment was initiated, it's been a constant undemocratic problem in the US system.

It's presented like a feature by people in those areas - but it is in fact a bug in the democratic system.

And a system that doesn't reflect the actual will of the people will eventually cause enough discontent for people to demand a change.

But given that these rural areas are now mostly controlled by the bat-shit crazy GOP, any such demands for change from a majority of the US population will probably be viewed by them as grounds for a second Civil War.

But hey maybe then - when the the south has lost a second time - they will learn to accept change?
It took Germany two world wars to stop loving their guns - maybe that's what the American south needs as well?

I certainly hope not of course - but the way the American right responds to facts by preaching fantasy... Let's just say things doesn't look good from over here. :-/

Regarding our royals we found a much better solution then chopping their heads of.

We stripped them of all their power and keep them in a gilded cage.

Then we let American and German tourists come here and spend lots of money looking at them waving from a balcony from time to time. ;-)