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How to break Iceland's spirit 11 3, 12:25pm


Thanks for your nice comment! :-)

Yes, it's unfortunately a sad fact that some people online spout a lot of racist, far-right bigotry these days.
And when I see people doing it on this site, I've often corrected them.

Which they don't like, so now some people are reflexively down-voting anything they see me write.

Which I usually don't notice that much.
I just commented on it one time here, because I got like 4 down-votes in 40 minutes for a comment explaining a comment about pizza topping the president of Iceland made.

It was just so silly that several different people wanted to express their general dislike for me by down-voting such an innocuous comment. :-D

I haven't been back here in a long time, but now when you wrote me I looked up the comment and boy, those votes have been stacking up! :-O

But it's nice to see that more people has actually up-voted me. :-)