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Like in the olden days 11 3, 6:28pm

@NorwaySwedenDenmark Those people marching for the statue to stay up is marching for a statue of a man who fought for the right to keep black people as slaves. Those so called not racist people allowed them selves to be seen marching side by side with people declaring they are Nazis. Nope no racism at all (thick layer of irony).

Trump once said there should be re instituted death penalty when four black men was accused. He has repeatedly over the years said they deserved that even when the court cleared them due to DNA test. How you can defend a man who say and does these things is beyond my ability to understand. Not to mentioned all the women that has accused him of sexual assults. I would say it tells something about a persons character if he calls racist, nazis, and white surpremesist Good people. Has 19 women accusing him of sexual assaults and call for dead panelty for black men who is proven innocent. A man who has refused to release his tax returns and is under investegation for colluding with Russia while his son in law is under 3 different criminal investigations. This while the son in law and his own daughter is hired to do ... what?

But I am sure you have some stupid explanation on all that too. Probably something along the lines of that the women is lying, it is okay to make nepotism thrive, to profit on your presidency and being under criminal investegations all while defending the (not nazis). Besides it is all just a hox created by the media - fake news. I tell you what Donald Trump is one of the most disgusting people I have ever seen possess a public post. But unfortunatly as long as we have people like you to defend him we will always have idiots like him to run around.