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Like in the olden days 11 3, 8:28pm

@Zuperkrunch "U know native america are not white right" yes, what does that have to do with this?
"If they're shared same culture more looks like mexico than norway." i have problem understanding what you mean, do you mean if usa shared more culture with mexico then usa would look more like mexico than norway?
"And why trump want to build the great wall between mexico and usa?" to more easier control and decide who can go in and out of the country. to more easily stop smuggling and illegal immigration
"U know trump not that smart right? " might not be smart/is ignorant on a lot of things (like climate change), but he has talent when it comes to economics. i have often referred to him as a talking buffoon.
"He though he out of middle east when he arrived in israel..." havent heard that before, if so then thats quite a funny mistake lol.
"So in his head all norwegian he know are white and afrikans he know are black... He probably think that suomi in norway are immigrant from asia..." might be he does, should ask him for clarification on what he actually thinks than to speculate.

America wearing England's shirt