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Like in the olden days 11 3, 10:33pm

@Seithoris trump is just decendant from immigrant from european country, i really don't know why from the first until 45th no native american become the president in their own countries? How do u feel if the immigrant in your country become your prime minister and banned other immigrant from other places because their religion and skin colour? I think Usa used to be shithole country to europe when their send their white criminal and murder, usa can be great because of their bad and good imigrant from all over the world not from their native... Usa is the only nation built the al-qaeda to destroy russian in afghanistan, and when they became boomerang for them self they just blame muslim and made muslim banned...and yes i meant the native america culture more closed to mexico and haiti than norway, if u said he is not the rasist maybe he just love him self, his children and his money thats why he fired his white team campaign steve bannon and cheat from his white wives...this is the link when he was in israel last year...

America wearing England's shirt