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Like in the olden days 12 3, 8:42am


You're kind to say those first parts at least, so I'll thank you for those. :-)

But if you're referring to Trumps election by talking about "self-anointed elites" that "a year after their beautiful theories cracked apart on the rocks of reality", you do realize Trump's victory was by the slimmest of margins?

I mean Trump himself obviously doesn't want to admit that.
So he not only boasts about the electoral collage number - he also lies about voter fraud and how he actually, really won the popular vote as well.

But you do realize that's all a lie? Right?

The majority of the voters that turned out never supported Trump, and even less so of course did the entire eligible voting public.

In fact, turnout was only 55,7% (which is dismally low compared to any other western democracy) of which 46,1% supported Trump, while 48,2% supported Clinton.

So he had the support of about a quarter of all eligible voters (only about half of which voted and only about half of which supported him).

And he won by that - thanks to the electoral college.

But he only won that by winning several states with ridiculously slim margins, like:

Michigan 0.23%
Wisconsin 0.77%
Pennsylvania 0.72%

Now this was against Hillary Clinton, who the Republicans have spent decades smearing - but she'll never run again.

And since in office, Trump's approval rating has of course only dropped further, with him being the most unpopular president in history at any point in his presidency so far.

The Republicans have also lost several special elections and even where they haven't lost their seat, the Democrats have decreased their margin of loss in almost all such elections.

There is definitely a blue wave coming this November, and record numbers of Republicans are choosing to not even run for re-election as they see it coming towards them.

Now, this doesn't mean that the scenario I described in my last post will all play out this November or directly after. Many things could happen that influences how fast the Republican down-turn will come and how it will develop.

But it certainly is coming - based on demographics alone.

You do understand that, right?

And the election of Trump may well go down in history as a catalyst for that change, as we now see increasing turn-out in special election and increasing grass roots activism on the Democratic side.

Remember the US:s dismal turn-out rates?

Well all Republican voters are already voting. When you're told the government will enslave you if you don't vote, you vote. The voters that haven't been showing up yet are Democrats - but they're starting to show up now.

So when they - in November and in later elections - start to flip seats and the rabid GOP base see their grip on power slip - how will they react?

They've been scared to the polls by tales of doom if they don't go. So when they go but still lose - how will they take that?

Especially since they've been told they're "really" the majority and have been lead to believe that the only way they can lose is by voter fraud?

Something Trump - being who he is - will probably claim openly, without any proof what so ever.

How will the armed-to-the-teeth, scared-out-of-their-wits, pumped-full-of-lies, rabid GOP base react to seeing their candidates lose - when that day comes?