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Like in the olden days 14 3, 6:08pm


No, "no-go zones" is called that in anti-immigration propaganda because the claim is that Swedish authorities (especially police) no longer dare to go into these places at all.
These claimed areas are described as lawless hell holes completely taken over by fundamentalist extremists. Sometimes the claim that Sharia law is being enforced is also added to spice things up further.

But none of that is true of course - it's all just far-right, anti-immigrant propaganda.

And further more, it's not even original - as the same claim has been made about virtually every country the far-right has ever disagreed with on anything (which is basically every western democracy).

Trump's newly appointed ambassador to the Netherlands recently got in trouble for having claimed that "no-go zones" existed in that country too (and bizarrely that "politicians are being burnt") - and then quickly dug himself even deeper by lying about it twice in a row in a live interview on Dutch TV:

Regarding the videos you posted:

Try taking a video crew down to a socially troubled area in the US, after one of those cases where the police just shot an unarmed person 36 times, or beat someone to a bloody pulp.
Then walk around looking for signs of angry young men.

You think you're going to find some?

The thing here is that these foreign film crews of course only ever show up to these areas in Sweden for one thing - and that's to look for proof of the dangerous "no-go zones".
And everyone living there knows exactly what they're there for.

In fact - if you look at the video you posted, they're shot at the exact same location. The exact same square in the exact same suburb outside of Stockholm.

When the next foreign film crew shows up filming - and everyone living there know they're only there to depict their community as a lawless hellhole - you think some angry young men are going to feel offended?

Because they're the only one's causing a problem here of course - stupid, angry young men.

I add stupid, because in difference to the US when someone has just been shot 36 times by the police or beaten to a bloody pulp - these angry young men have no real reason to be angry.
Of course it's disrespectful of the media to only show up in these areas to look for proof to reinforce their negative stereotype about them.
But on the other hand, the best way to handle that is to ignore them and don't give them the footage they came looking for - because that will only bring more vultures looking for more of the same, of course.

Anti-immigrant groups have tried for years to rile up the citizens of this suburb outside Stockholm - even going so far as to putting on their own fake Pride Parade right by the area every year in hope of being attacked by someone.
I say fake Pride Parade, because no one in their parade actually identify as LGBT (and the LGBT-community don't want anything to do with them) - they just play-act what they think is "gay behavior".
Sadly for them, they've never been able to rile anyone up - until now when foreign film crews have started showing up with cameras, looking to prove how awful these places are.
Then some stupid, angry young men acted out - and now the same videos are being duplicated all over the internet by people with far-right, anti-immigrant sympathies, as "proof" of all their years of false claims.

Yep - someone managed to get footage of some angry young men acting like idiots.

Cue the excited far-right; "There, we got it! That's surely proof these places are the lawless hellholes where police dare not go, politicians are being burnt and Sharia law is being enforced - right?!"

No, it's obviously not.

It's proof that if you poke the people of the same neighborhood for long enough with a stick - sooner or later, you're going to get a reaction.
And as always, that reaction will come from a few angry young men - who are always most likely to act out.

But that is of course not the full picture of these communities.
It's just the only picture the anti-immigrant far-right and foreign film crews are interested in promoting.

So no - there exists no such things as "no-go zones" in any European country.

So now then, a single question for you:

Now that you been told (which I'm sure wasn't the first time) that these "no-go zones" doesn't actually exist - will you stop spreading that lie from here on?