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How to break Iceland's spirit 16 3, 6:55am

@Nisse_Hult thx! ^-^ its a shame that even now, those little kids are slowly creeping into this website, and start leaving those shitty useless, and downright mean, comments, slowly destroying the 'innocence' on the website, meaning, more and more people are leaving more and more of those stupid comments. And i must say, i feel quite sad about it since not only is this a website for more, mature, people, but that when i first found this place, it was so pure. barley any if any hate comments, more arguments being settled reasonably than just calling the other person names, and shit, and just downright nice comments. Its also sad to see that the people who got easily triggered by you now just down-vote your comments before reading what they say. i could also say the same about roleplaying (ive been rping for so long, and it makes me feel sad by how many ppl are breaking rules and wut not in this one game. i could go on and on, but i dont want you to have to read what seems like 2 chapters of a dictionary so :XD: ) my thought is that the people, who up-voted you, were also tired of this stupidity and wanted to sort spread the message or something. (srry if this sounds kinda weird, as i just got back from my vacation today x>) i hope the people will soon learn that the stuff they do (especially the down votes) are useless and harmless, besides the bullying and wut not, since sadly more often then not, some ppl start believing those hurtful lies, & eventually kill themselves....... but hopefully they'll soon stop, and learn that what they are doing is hurting others (even if they were standing up for someone since calling the bully stupid, etc, does nothing but mkae stuff wors) & stop. I hope you have a nice day, and rest of the year! ^-^

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