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Like in the olden days 16 3, 7:29am

@TheChief lemme guess. the diseases and uneducated people, and i'm sure a few other problems as well, but that might also be why they want to move somewhere else. And yes, there is the fact that 'they're stealing our jobs' even though the jobs they'd most likely steal would be like, a McDonald's worker, so they can get money to get better education, to get better jobs, just like us. And yes there are the drug smugglers, and yes, there are the violent people, but hey. there are plenty of violent, and drug smuggling people who were born and lived in America too. I dont exactly understand why trump is so worried about the immigrants stealing jobs, when they are usually just hardworking, determined people, who may even have a family to feed as well like us. But hey, im in New Zealand so i dunno whats happening in the US. could you perhaps tell me a few other problems as well plz? srry if that sounded rude btw :s and that <:s

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