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Like in the olden days 22 3, 12:04pm

"And considering the spread of the votes, it is quite likely that Trump would've won that election since most, if not all, libertarians considered him a better option than Clinton. So you can stop your whining about popular vote, since he would've won in a democratic euro-style election as well :D"

You conveniently are forgetting the Green party vote, and a million other factors that change between first votes and runoffs. That's just plain horrible statistics.

Namely the vote was heavily effected by apathy and lots of people not thinking Trump could win. This has born out in the immense voter turnout by Dems seen since Trump won.
Factor a second chance vote into the 2016 election and that would not look good to Trump at all.

You also really don't understand the sort of people who vote third party in the US. These are not people who care about their vote making a difference, they know full well that their candidates don't have a chance in hell. They wouldn't just vote for the Dems or Republicans because the other options went away, most would likely just not vote at all. Their votes in the first place are borderline protest identity votes, voting for the GOP or Dems would defeat their whole approach.

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