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Pretty Swastika 22 3, 4:55pm

@Zuperkrunch We tried, but were conquered. Still, we actively resisted the occupation. Guerrilla and resistance groups like Gutta på skauen and MILORG, and the famous Battle of Oscarsborg, when Commander Birger Eriksen broke chain of command to delay German troops and allow the parliament and royal family to escape, taking down one of the German fleet's most advanced warships with recruits and elderly veterans. It's also worth noting that Norway, in this period, had two governments: The puppet government instated by the third reich, led by traitor Vidkun Quisling, and the "True" government or Government in Exile, led by Johan Nygaardsvoll and King Haakon VII. The second became an important symbol of Norwegian resistance, and many used the sigil of king Haakon to demonstrate their allegiance.