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Like in the olden days 23 3, 8:56am

"Such problems as being extremely driven to make a better life for themselves and not have their children grow up like they did. Because y'know, that tends to be what drives people to immigrate to the US."
But what is OUR obligation to let them here, if there presence endangers ourselves and our children?

Also lol at anti-immigration screeds coming from someone with a sexual intercourseing Pope avatar. I guaran-sexual intercourseing-tee your Catholic immigrant ancestors were coming from shitholes when they came.
1) I fail to see what sex has to do with my avatar you perverse little ape.
2) They certainly were. But I'm not.
3) I'm not anti-immigration. Seriously, you leftists are with immigration what the right-wingers are with guns. Why is it so fucking hard to imagine that there's middle ground between "let the foreigners come like a fucking wave" and "KILL THE BROWN PEOPLE". Fucking stupid.

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