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Like in the olden days 28 3, 4:46am

"But what is OUR obligation to let them here, if there presence endangers ourselves and our children?"

It doesn't in particular.

"1) I fail to see what sex has to do with my avatar you perverse little ape."

You're likely Catholic, America, and are bitching about those durn immigrants.
If you don't understand the dark comedy here you're even more clueless than I thought.

"2) They certainly were. But I'm not."

It's like I can see where the Thought drove by you and waved for you to come over and think it, but you refused the call. Much easier to listen to the loud addictive noises in your brain than actually use the thing.

"3) I'm not anti-immigration. Seriously, you leftists are with immigration what the right-wingers are with guns. Why is it so sexual intercourseing hard to imagine that there's middle ground between "let the foreigners come like a sexual intercourseing wave" and "KILL THE BROWN PEOPLE". sexual intercourseing stupid. "

You're very obviously a right winger for immediately assuming "a sexual intercourseing wave" is the thing being discussed. Oh and for entertaining the radical right wing reforms to immigration that are the topic of discussion.