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Like in the olden days 28 3, 5:25pm

"It doesn't in particular."
So you can assure me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the violence which has descended upon Europe due to the influx of radicalized Muslims and the Texas borderlands due to the cartels, will not expand over our country should we open ourselves further to immigration.

"You're likely Catholic, America, and are bitching about those durn immigrants."
I'm not thought, you condescending prick. I'm arguing that we have no obligation to aid people who violate our laws and further,
"If you don't understand the dark comedy here you're even more clueless than I thought."
Folk didn't want Catholic in America. I FUCKING GET IT. It's just not funny. Or relevant, for that matter.

"It's like I can see where the Thought drove by you and waved for you to come over and think it, but you refused the call. Much easier to listen to the loud addictive noises in your brain than actually use the thing."
You're a right ass, you know that? God forbid you should ever lower yourself so far as to EXPLAIN your fucking point rather than being a constant, smarmy bitch.

"You're very obviously a right winger for immediately assuming "a sexual intercourseing wave" is the thing being discussed."
So you do not, in fact, believe that we should allow illegal immigrants to stay in our country and relax restrictions on immigration?
"Oh and for entertaining the radical right wing reforms to immigration that are the topic of discussion."
I have not once advocated for anything that could reasonably be described as "Radical" you arrogant pain in the ass.

America wearing England's shirt