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Like in the olden days 29 3, 11:10am

"So you can assure me, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the violence which has descended upon Europe due to the influx of radicalized Muslims"

I am also very VERY scared that the poorly controlled mobs of refugees crossing the Mediterranean and Balkans will swim across the Atlantic ocean somehow.
Why do conservatives value macho toughness so much, when so much of their ideology boils down to being terrified grannies? It really boggles the mind.

"and the Texas borderlands due to the cartels, will not expand over our country should we open ourselves further to immigration."

Cartels don't immigrate, unless you think their product is an immigrant.

"I'm not thought, you condescending prick. I'm arguing that we have no obligation to aid people who violate our laws and further,"

Can you actually sit down, take a second, and pick what topic you're talking about? Because I think you're swiveling to talking about illegals now, which doesn't match or cover the Muslim thing. Or are you even aware of this?
Also if you're not Catholic are you just a really clueless Protestant who doesn't realize the Pope has nothing to do with his religion?

"You're a right ass, you know that? "

Oh wait, are you British? Why are you even talking about American immigration, shouldn't you be complaining about Poles and Pakistanis? Or do you just talk funny, or what.

"So you do not, in fact, believe that we should allow illegal immigrants to stay in our country and relax restrictions on immigration?"

DACA people are a separate category of illegal that should be handled as such. As for "restrictions", you are defending recent suggestions and other radical ideas from the Trump administration. The ball is in your court to explain the addition, not to act like I'm arguing for subtraction.

America wearing England's shirt