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Reality Hits 13 4, 10:27pm

The concept of "Latino" and "Latin America" of the United States is so, so wrong.
Being Latino is not an ethnic group, it is not a "race", it is a linguistic and cultural condition. You are Latin American if you speak a Latin language, and if you live in a country that was a colony of a Latin European country. Just that! You can be Asian and be Latino, you can be Black African and be Latino, you can be whatever you want and be Latino! Latino is what you speak and where you live. Spaniards are Latin people, Italians, French, Romanians, anyone who lives in a Latin culture and speaks a Latin language. I think the concept of "Latino" that Americans have is because most Mexicans who go there are descendants of the natives and that's why they think that's Latino. But no!
If Donald Trump had been born in a Latin country and had grown up there, he would be a Latino!