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Sacred Animal 21 4, 5:18am

@MikoGaid Yeah well if you could step between some saxon villages you will be able to find a cult around this farm-animal too. Quite more relating to the actual message (not hidden the headline btw): The east-asian form of appreciating our paegans and little screws is quite beautiful you know (when it comes to nippon there is axo the fact of kawaii - and cows >can< be appering quite harmless and therefor in this universe: sweet and adorable therefore interesting). Besides there is constant material of the "new" national-hinduism party enabling ridiculious form of the belive in the sacred cow. Dont have it by the way. To make the point there is the money for an ambulance to help the little horned f*****, in a country full of this mysterious "sick and poor". There is apperantly the need for milizias saving wild cows from the butcher-tourisem and leather-industrie out of the muslim-neighbour states and the north. The "acchivment" of being able to support a house cow is in some caste an immportant stepingstone or "Stolperstein" to be more precise and therefore part of this particalry disturbing structure of indian society. No tell me my bohemian friend, where is the point to start laughing about this?