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Lazy Lady 28 4, 12:15am

I haven't seen anything about this in Swedish news yet and it sound very strange as all the Nordic countries are even more highly integrated then the rest of the EU are.
We abolished the need for passports while crossing the borders decades ago and citizens in one of our countries are supposed to be treated just like the citizens in any of the other they chose to live in.

If true, I can only guess this is some badly written law actually intended to target non-Nordic immigrants as Denmark is becoming increasingly hostile to immigration unfortunately.
But in a way it's good that things like these happen as they show people there are plenty of immigrants that aren't dark skinned.

Britain is suffering from the adverse effects of the same kind of policies at the moment too - people who've lived and paid taxes for decades in the country are suddenly being treated like dirt, just because the government was trying to kick out immigrants.

At the same time as the British National Health Service can't attract the nurses and staff it needs from abroad because of Brexit.

All a result of incredibly shortsighted and stupid nationalist policies that only hurt the nations that adopt them.