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Lazy Lady 28 4, 9:05am

@Finn123 I'd imagine china was probably pressurimg kim along the way since he's a useful tool to keep the US buffered from china's direct border, but the general opinion has never really been with him beyond that. And a tool that starts a nuclear exchange is pretty terrible.

That said, even from what is known it wasn't trump alone that caused things to deescalate. As with anything it's a far larger effort since the presidents power is limited both by his actual being a single person and his powers granted by congress. Both good and bad stuff presidents get handed tends to be only marginally related to them being in office unless they're a political beast who has turned congress into a puppet, which isn't that common. And even then normally a bit of luck doesn't hurt. He was more than willing to throw conflict back and forth with north korea until pressure began dragging him back. Dude tends to do better escalating conflict than de-escalating it. Makes for good reality tv though.