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Lazy Lady 28 4, 11:15am

@Hinoron Have you seen the kind of comments he posts? Let me find a few examples for you:

Well to be fair the risk of being killed and tortured is higher in some poorer suburbs of Sweden than say Somalia. Especially for Swedish women, so Denmark should place her under protection.

Blacks don't need facepaint in the military to blend into their surroundings.

According to pew research center Sweden could be 30% muslim in 2050, lol.
SD 2018 pls remove kebab.

Lots of people these days just running around with figurative needles trying to infect confused teenagers with the gay.

I found all that in just the first 30 comments. Imagine what else he said in the remaining 62,374? And that doesn't even include the ones that the moderators removed.