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Lazy Lady 28 4, 5:50pm


"At the same time as the British National Health Service can't attract the nurses and staff it needs from abroad because of Brexit.

All a result of incredibly shortsighted and stupid nationalist policies that only hurt the nations that adopt them. "

Partially correct. The policy is short sighted and stupid but more concerned with economic ideology than nationalism. Basically the government is seeking to divert the people from the real problems of the country, the growing centralisation of wealth and power into a very small number of hands and the resulting inefficiency and growing anger at the suffering caused. Its a revolting scandal and hopefully is nearly over as even this government is being forced to back-track on its abuse of British citizens.

Your wrong to say the problem with getting adequate staff is due to Britexit. Its far more due to chronic and prolonged under-funding, in large part because of that same desire to concentrate power in the small group that basically fund the Conservative party and that business interests can make more money out of the sick if the NHS is degraded or ideally [for them] destroyed totally.

The only factor Britexit is playing is that the contempt shown for EU citizens in Britain by the EU 'negotiators' is making them concerned about their position.

Like others I'm surprised that Denmark is able to do this sort of thing. Its not only immoral but I would have thought the EU and/or ECJ would have jumped on them like a ton of bricks.