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Lazy Lady 28 4, 9:29pm

@Finn123 I very much doubt that Trump has anything to do with it. The most likely explanation from my point of view is that Kim's nuclear weapons program was seriously impacted when the weapons test facility was probably heavily damaged in the last test which may or may not have been a hydrogen bomb. Production of actual nuclear warheads (even if they manage to develop proper delivery systems, i.e. guidance systems for their ballistic missiles) may now be far beyond what North Korea can accomplish in the foreseeable future.
With the nuclear weapons program potentially delayed indefinitely, better international relations may look like the better choice for the continuation of the DPRK and the Kim dynasty.
Of course, due to the nature of both nuclear weapons programs everywhere and North Korea as one of the most secluded countries in the world, I can't actually back this speculation up with any proof but there are certainly indications supporting it.