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Lazy Lady 29 4, 2:08am


Complete bullshit - as have been pointed out a number of times by me and others here - that part about "rape capital of Europe".

It comes from a "report" put out by two infamous Scandinavian islamophobes on an American far-right propaganda outlet called the "Gatestone Institute" that publishes pure propaganda.

The Swedish woman that was one of the two behind the report has since moved even further to the far-right and now supports an openly neo-Nazi group in Sweden and spouts anti-semitic conspiracy theories as well.

But of course she's still been invited to spread her propaganda on Fox News as an "expert" on Sweden:

I guess that's where you get your information on Sweden, huh? Fox News and the fever swamp of the far-right online?

The low conviction rate in rapes compared to other countries is an obvious effect of the high number of reported rapes, as no nation in the world unfortunately can solve all crime.
With Swedish policy being to decrease the number of unreported rapes, and classify more and more types of sexual crimes as rapes, we get a high rate of reported rapes.
But there is nothing to prove that we actually have more rapes in Sweden then anywhere else, as criminologists of course agree that rapes go unreported in huge numbers all over the world.

But this has, as I said, of course been pointed out over and over already - so why are you spreading these disproven lies?