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Lazy Lady 29 4, 7:11am


She's not actually concerned about rape - her interest is just to smear Sweden.

Since Sweden has taken in a lot of immigrants, we've become a hate object of the far-right.

It's become an obsession of them to portray Sweden as a crime-ridden hell hole - because that what they believe any nation will become if it accepts immigrants.

Sweden on the other hand is politically and socially far to the left of the US, and as such we as a society actually do care a lot about woman's issues, and crimes against women - like rape.
Which is why we've made an effort to decrease the number of unreported rapes and tightened and streamlined the legislation so many more types of sexual assaults are now being defined as rape.
Which in turn is why we have higher numbers of reported rape then many other nations.

But the far-right of course want to claim it's actually all because we've taken in immigrants who now rape every Swedish women they see.