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Lazy Lady 29 4, 6:05pm


While I appreciate your overall sentiment and comment, I have to point out we don't actually have "tons of issues with that" which the link CaliforniaAmazon posted talks about.

That's classic far-right propaganda, based on reporting from a Swedish online hate site.

This is what the far-right always does - they cherry-pick individual cases to enforce the perception that there is "tons of issues" when there really isn't.

Crimes are committed in every nation by all kinds of people, but the far-right is only ever interested in crimes committed by the object of their hate and only cover those.

Well, if you subsist on a diet of only that information, and the half-truths and lies that is served with the few kernels of actual truth they present, you'll end up with a completely fucked up understanding of reality.

Which is the far-right's goal with pushing this kind of propaganda - they want to make you see the world as only they see it, and make you believe they alone represent the truth.

Just like any other fundamentalists.