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Lazy Lady 29 4, 8:50pm

@Nisse_Hult you ARE an SJW. you are the EXACT definition of a SJW. you ignore facts and genuine problems of certain groups of people just so you can virtue signal. crime rates have shot up since sweden started taking in so many 3rd word immigrants and that is a FACT. you tolerate so much that you even tolerate the intolerant and prefer to stick your head in the sand instead of acknowledging that immigrants have been the cause of the rise in crime levels and rape in sweden(i must stress that its 3rd world uneducated immigrants in particular. its not like sweden is making any effort to take in the actually good and educated immigrants in that will assimilate are they?).

but whatever. your country is doomed in 50 years time . dig your own grave if you want but dont go running off to other countries when your own country collapses ok? deal with your own self created mess. being destroyed from the inside out is a fitting end for the country from where the term Stockholm syndrome originated from.

life has been too easy for swedish people for so long that they have completely forgotten how the real world is like and have chosen to use feelings to decide things instead of LOGIC and FACTS