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Lazy Lady 30 4, 3:55am

Actually you do have problems. And no, im not cherrypicking individual cases, but its claim based on several sources (including several people i know live in Sweden). Also i know few people living in reported areas and its not rosy. Its not as bad as often stated by people who want to skew perception.
Whats interesting in Swedens case that crime rates seem to be same level, if we look at stats, but immigrant crime rates seem to be going up (although many do believe that stats arent 100 percent correct either way).

So is it as bad as some people say? No. Is it bad enough to be dealt with? Yes. Can immigrants be blamed for this? Yes and no. On one side they too are commiting crimes and by all accounts, not exactly little- which has been hinted and drawn to light, such as Peter Springare case last year (policeman who brought out crime stats). Now, i dont think Springare told 100 percent truth, but judging from swedish officials akward response, i do deduce he hit close to the mark and it IS bigger issue than public is often let on, especially because they didnt outright deny it (which in such cases is pretty common practise).
At same time, its also fault of swedish goverment, because they are responsible for creating effective means for immigrants to merge into society, which in itself would solve huge portion of problem. And i know it sounds cold, but if you cant handle that many immigrants, you really need to limit it. I mean if im not mistaken, isnt about 25 percent of swedish population migrated at this point (including 2nd generation). Thats a LOT to handle to anyone to integrate- i know that from Estonia's experience (and russians are relatively similar in terms of culture to europe)
Right now though, seems like swedish goverment is hiding head beneath a sand instead facing issue right now, expecting drastically different cultures magically get along. But thats bigger issue than just migrants, because whole swedish system, its currently running on inertia with big warning lights all across the board. Person i know very well and communicate very often is working as teacher there and if even 1/10th of stories are correct about whats happening just in education (in normal school), im afraid that Sweden comes to crash stop in next 20 years.
I cannot stress how much i hope i am wrong here or that Sweden actually pulls off positive change that keeps their positive images (and justifies them) yet solves glaring issues Sweden has right now. Facing the problem is something that needs to be done earlier rather than later

So if you are worried i have been victim of propaganda, well, not really because i diversify my sources on purpose.