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Lazy Lady 30 4, 7:47am

@NeframeTheCosmonaut I don't even need to look at statistics to know what's happening . Ive got COMMON SENSE and observation skills to see that those fake "refugees"(they are mostly economic migrants) are bad news. The ones that you are talking about are assimilated and haven't created ethnic enclaves that's why it works but if you keep taking in so many of them without control you will no longer be able to assimilate them properly .its already happening with the no go zones and ethic enclaves they are creating So yeah see you in 50 years Im sure I'll win the bet that Sweden will collapse. It's BECAUSE I've lived in a multicultural society my whole life and I've been to and lived in many different countries including 3rd world and 2nd world countries( my parents have as well) that I can recognise that certain groups are extremely problematic if they don't assimilate properly and that they commit crime more than anyone else. I've LIVED With them for years before so don't tell me I am ignorant or uneducated on the subject