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Lazy Lady 30 4, 7:50am

@NeframeTheCosmonaut and yes one of those countries that my family have lived in was in fact a Muslim country . One of the more moderate ones actually yet it was STILL horrible and you want to import that nonsense to Europe? The only ones that should be accepted are the Syrian ones and they should not stay forever . Peace needs to be encouraged in Syria and the refugees need to be sent back eventually so if you want to help them then pressure your country's governments to stop trying to overthrow the Syrian govt.

. And even if they aren't Muslims from the Middle East a lot of those African economic migrants are uneducated and have no skills or desire to assimilate a lot of them cause more crimes than the local populations you are in denial if you can't accept some very obvious and observable facts . The ones you do know of that live in the city are assimilated and not create ethnic enclaves but if you keep taking them in without control you will not be able to assimilate them anymore and that's when the serious problems start. It already has with all the no go zones

. When will you guys learn that importing tons of uneducated people that leech of welfare and commit more crimes than the local population is a terrible idea. Its not right wing to state facts and have some common sense and observation skills. I'm not a right winger I'm left leaning on economic issues.