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Lazy Lady 30 4, 4:30pm

Do you honestly expect me to say peoples names and how i know them in public forums? Suffice to say, they live in Stockholm area in most part and 1 person living in Malmö.
To clarify, i DID NOT say anything about that specific link, so claiming i support validity of that is unfair. That said, i did refer i used what my friends said as ONE of the sources, i did compare it to others as well (i usually compare at least 3 different sources for 1 such claim, including nations own official stats, UN estimates and at least 1 newspaper (with double checking its inclination- so there you have my sources. Also Springer is friend of mine? since when? dont even know the guy).

Also you seem to be extreme person yourself- since i claim its not as rosy, but its not as bad as extreme right claims, you think im lying? Because obviously there cant be ANY middle ground. Its either perfectly safe and fine or complete disaster, right? Give me a break. Life is rarely in extremes, although lately people think thats all there is. You have to make compromises every single day and this is no exception. So thats quite rich, in my opinion, for you blaming me on being victim of propaganda, yet thinking there cant be any middle ground (which is 99 percent of the case where truth lies).

I do agree with you that "no-go" zones are complete and utter garbage. I think confusion just comes with phrase used to refer to those- police does admit operating in some areas is difficult, but thats not because extremely high crime rates (though as everywhere there are areas that get higher crime)

And of course individuals commit crimes, but in order to stop it or minimise it, its important to know why. Immigrants as group commit a lot toward crime and yes, so do men. So its important to realise why that is if we are ever hoping to drop crime rates. If percentage is skewed toward specific group, then its safe to assume there is some large problem with said group and we need to find out core reasons. Obviously yes, we cannot blame all migrants for it, we cannot punish them and we shouldnt punish them. But thats not even solution i was referring to. You cant fix something without knowing whats causing it and where it originates.
Thus is so odd to read that you actually know whats causing it and deny correlation to it. Nobody is claiming immigrants are inherently criminals, they just do have usually less income and bigger unemployment rates, which pushes people more toward crime (that IS connection you cant deny, one of problems cores). Plus, in cases they come from drastically different cultures like during this migration wave, they also experience heavy culture shock. We like to think that western values have spread trough world, but its not case.

Which leads me back to what i meant when i said Sweden needs to create more effective means to integrate. Its true that in the past you have done it well, but those migrants were in large majority people from western world, with similar enough set of morals and culture. Its easier to integrate such people. Its more difficult when they are from another culture space. Also things are constantly evolving, you cant stay reliant on old methods to last forever.

I do remember that and that was correct reaction, to tighten borders. But its not just about letting people in that needs rework, its integration process as well, because its obvious even from this conversation that there are few gaps that can be bettered.

As for person thats teacher, all i can say is that while that person does have some tendency to boast, that person is usually reliable source to get idea whats going on.

Sweden has been around for long time, yes, but that cant make you lazy, which it currently does. But i suppose in the end, you probably can afford to take hit more than most other nations should things go wrong due to overconfidence.

As for Estonia, yeah, that proves you follow propaganda yourself. We dont treat people as second class citizens. In fact, they have at least as many rights as residents in Sweden. They can vote in local and european parliament elections, they have same access to all facilities, they have schools that teach in their language, etc. So pray tell me, how are we treating them as second rate?