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Lazy Lady 3 5, 12:03am

@Finn123 The premise does not lead to the claimed conclusion. North-Korea has been under trade embargo and sanctions for quite some time and even with their trade partner China, the lacking access to international trade will start to influence any modern economy eventually. Kim also understands what keeps him in his luxurious life, and he'll uses North-Korean military operations as a form of threat and holding those near North-Korea as a hostage.

Politically, socially and culturally he is a cornered dog ready to fight for their life. So he'll use the opportunity to negotiate and try to save his regime. It is political theater. Trump has had very little influence in any of it, it is the trading partners like China and South-Korea that have been very influencing in this development. Trump is barely a blip on the radar, all he has done is use aggressive language which doesn't do a whole lot to a dictator.