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Lazy Lady 6 5, 8:54am

@Hinoron this is one of fin123 hate speech comment that still not deleted by moderator in the bottom of this comment #9745729 about immigration when he said "he feel sad for asian tourists that come to western europe or usa and are extremely disappointed with Paris being filled with blacks or Houston being full of mexicans with little to no white texans or frenchies in sight." we're asian not racist as he thinks also fin123 is the racist one why he describe asian peoples in his comment as the racist peoples why he didn'tdeclare himself as the racist one, we're asian really don't care about black peoples in paris or mexican in texas, i think every human beeing belongs to anywhere in this world..
a lot of his comment were nasty and already deleted by moderator and i'm not the want who reported his nasty comments.. It's really hard to find and prove it anyways coz it's already deleted