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Lazy Lady 9 5, 10:21pm


As you say the main problem is prolonged under-investment in the NHS over decades.

There has been problems with the current government, both in stupid decisions on migrants and also on the weak approach their taken to the EU when the latter's non-negotiators have repeatedly lied and made irresponsible demands.

At heart I'm a believer in a free Britain but the main impulse that has driven me into the camp has been the behaviour of irresponsible idiots such as Tusk and Barnier. Fully agree that May and her mob have been idiots as well but its the former that are the immediate problem. Also that for a long time the Tories have been playing a simplistic 'nationalist'/racist card to divert attention from the results of their policies.

I also stand by my view that the EU mis-leaders have been showing contempt for the people of the EU. The fact they have repeated insisted on deepening hostility between Britain and the EU, with demands for ever increasing subsides, with continued insults and lies and with the clear aim of doing as much damage as they can to the British economy.

This shows a clear contempt for the people of the EU as it will do harm to a lot of them. Especially those inside Britain as their welfare will be directly threatened if they lose their jobs as a result of the economic damage. the EU is seeking to inflict. But also those in businesses who trade with Britain. This is compounded by the point blank refusal to consider a free trade agreement with Britain which would minimise a lot of those problems. It would also remove the EU's insistence that the current open border between Britain and Ireland must end. [I know they have claimed otherwise but it is they who are the barrier to the continuation of the current relationship.] This is likely to be very damaging to the Irish economy, as well as is likely to cause tension which might end up weakening or at worse dooming the Good Friday Agreement.

By all those measures, because their more concerned with posturing and immature demands that only what they want will be discussed, as well as their continuing moving of the goal posts, they have shown contempt for the people their buggering about, whether their EU or UK citizens. We could have an amicable divorce but Tusk and co refuse to consider that in what seems to be largely an infantile tantrum because the people of Britain have made a decision they don't like.