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Lazy Lady 10 5, 3:44pm


You keep ignoring what I've told you in the past. Or continue to be deluded that the BBC is some rabid right wing propaganda group.

Like the EU you also continue to cherry pick the facts. Yes a lot of Britain's problems have been caused by corrupt and incompetent internal government. However there has been serious problems with the EEC/EU throughout our period inside it in large part due to our different economic and social structure. This has been worsened by the short-sighted incompetence of its leadership since Britain voted to leave.

Its also untrue that national government have vetoes on policy. When it suits the EU, such as providing excuses for Spain to make demands on British territory as a way of increasing pressure for further concessions. There are a fair number of examples of national governments being forced to accept EU demands, even when its not in their interests.

I noticed you didn't reply to the points I made, just instead repeating the spiel of the hard-liner looters. Because you take the fanatics stance that everything the EU does is perfect and correct and everything anyone else do is wrong/evil your unwilling to accept reality.

Yes the Tories have, as so often before, made a shambles of fighting the EU for a balanced deal. However such a fight was necessary because of the infantile stance of the EU non-negotiators. We could have had an amical divorce to the mutual benefit of both sides but their determined on making Britain pay for deciding to leave. Hence the continuing demands for every increasing subsidies and refusal to negotiate the terms for leaving. The Tories as usual have cocked it up totally, not surprising for a party that has a long history of appeasement.

You say you like Tusk. I bet you don't agree with his argument - albeit unintentional - a few months back that there is neither legal or moral reason for Britain to give a penny in subsidy to the EU after next March?

I'll be blunt. If I had been in charge on the British side then one of two things would have happened. Either Britain would have been well on the way to a UDI exit with plans worked out for what was needed to protect Britain as much as possible against the desired trade war the EU is so insistent on or when facing the the result of their intransigence the EU would have started serious negotiations rather than the "we will discuss what we want, when you meet all our demand and possibly discuss other aspects of the leaving conditions if/when it suits us." True that demands a stable and responsible government in Britain, which unfortunately we have lacked for decades but as an idealistic liberal I still like to think that's not impossible.