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Not English 11 5, 2:59am

Sweden: Why do you have a fish on your head?
Norway: In this way It makes my hand free!
Sweden: Having a fish on your head is as makes sense as having a boat on your head.
Norway: A boat? Why I need to have a boat on my head?
Denmark: Hey boys! Can I join in?
Sweden: Why do you have a city on your head? It doesn’t make sense with the ocean.
Denmark: Yes,it is. It’s a sunken city!
Finland:... You can mock my hat.
Sweden: No Finland.You always think everyone is making fun of it.
Norway: Lift?
Denmark: What did he say?
Iceland: I also have funny clothes too!See! Demon Gloves!
Norway: They're beautiful.
Sweden: Stop! Now it's too stupid!
Denmark: They are creepy.........
Finland: You can mock me......
America: What the hell is going on!?!!?
China: I can't understand!
America: Shut up!!!