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Like in the olden days 11 5, 3:40pm

@Finn123 in reality nelson mandela was a hero.. He died as a hero.. All you can see from black peoples are just the negative one, he did that coz at that time the white european make the ridicolous apharteid system, have u read what hyporia said about the first european not immigrant but Conquerors #9751783 which is the worst than illegal immigrant not a coloners like u said, the black peoples had to be the slave in their own land, their precious diamond been stolen.. I imagine if you were born as black peoples in south africa at that aphartheid time, what would u do? u already complaining about black peoples in europe #9745729 and u describe that asian tourists will be disapointing when see black peoples in paris and mexican in texas.. Lol.. Declare u'reself the racist one, we're asian tourists never care about black peoples in paris or mexican in texas, u're the worst asian's tourists mind reader.... Dude it's 2018 not 1948, wake up.. Some of Black peoples already the richest one now days, don't u ever heard about jay z and beyonce? They're not just slave anymore, open your racist mind... image and please never describe asian as the racist one! Bye..

America wearing England's shirt