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Lazy Lady 12 5, 12:07pm

@Nisse_Hult im curious, do most swedish guys think like you? because if they do then im honestly shocked. i heard sweden is basically the most PC feminist place in the world but i didnt realize it was this bad where even the swedish men are bigger sjws and feminists than women in other countries. wow life has been waaaay too easy for you swedes that you've completely lost touch of reality. whatever just dont come running to other countries when yours becomes messed up. deal with your own mess.

you are going to learn the hard way that multiculturalism doesnt work. multiethnicism works maybe but not multiculturalism. especially when it comes to islam. trust me i have experience with muslim countries i have family members that came from one. i know how they operate and how they think. if you do not assimilate them they WILL try to force their own beliefs and cultures on to you eventually when they grow in numbers and force YOU to assimilate to THEM instead. islam is a very forceful religion. and no amount of virtue signaling and pc outrage will change that. think with your head instead of your heart