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Lazy Lady 12 5, 5:34pm


You are so impenetrable to reason aren't you? You would rather twist my words to fit your desires than consider you may be mistaken. I will repeat the key points again but I very much doubt you will pay attention.

a) I'm not saying Britain should get everything it desires without any cost so please stop using that strawman. I'm saying the EU should negotiate responsibly to get the best terms for its subjects. Which is not deliberately being obstructive and seeking to bugger Britain about largely for the sake of it apparently, Especially since that route is going to cost the EU and its people a lot, even with the crap mismanagement by the Tories. I notice you avoided the points I raised here about why an hostile settlement is a bad result for the EU so I don't expect you to respond to them now but that does make them any less hostile.

b) You may finally have accepted I'm not brainwashed by the right wing press - although I fear your will revert to type soon. I suggest you look up the BBC news web site and you will see what stance it actually takes rather than assuming it fits your assumptions.

c) Interesting that you view the EU as an imperialistic bloc seeking to abuse its neighbours. Which is what you say when your saying it will automatically support stripping the people of Gibraltar of any say in their government to appease Spanish imperial designs.

d) I must admit I haven't payed much attention to the payments to the EU in recent years as I have got dispirited with politics. I do know that in the past we paid way about our weight, at one time being one of only 2-3 payers while other nations were all receiving net gains from the EEC/EU. The 'settlement' Thatcher 'achieved' reduced this subsidy but didn't remove it totally. My point however is the desire for the subsidy to continue for the foreseeable future despite the UK no longer being in the EU. Its another case of the EU seeking to have its cake and eat it, already removing Britain from so many functions but expecting us to continue paying subsidies. Especially since their making clear they want a blank check.

No doubt you will continue to ignore what I say and spout more unsupported conclusions about what I'm saying and why you think I'm saying it.

I called you a bigot before and i mean it because you refuse to admit you might be less than 100% accurate regardless of what is said. I agree there is also a serious problem with British politics, especially the bigots, on BOTH sides, on the EU 'debate' but also the deep corruption and contempt for the people of the Tories. However because I'm aware of such problems I'm also aware of how the EU is failing, often in similar fashions.