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Lazy Lady 13 5, 5:37pm


Your simply unable to accept any viewpoint that disagrees with you aren't you! I have repeated made points and because you disagree rather than actually read them and think about them you post your normal dribble assuming, without any evidence, that I'm one of the deluded far right bigots. [Which if you ever read my posts you would realise I wasn't].

Try reading what I actually say rather than assuming, because I'm not 100% in agreement with you, that you KNOW what I'm say.

I didn't bother reading most of what you wrote because its largely both repetitive and totally unrelated to what I'm talking about. However I will shoot down one strawman you used. Ghandi, while irresponsible in some ways was working for Indian independence not control over another people by force. As such there's no comparison with Gibraltar where Spain wants to control it regardless of the wish of its people AND as YOU YOUSELF said you would see the EU supporting Spain in achieving its aims.

I have repeatedly pointed out problems for the EU posed by the irresponsible behaviour of its [non-]negotiators. However you keep ignoring this, ranting on about how I'm demanding unlimited concessions for Britain. No I am NOT suggesting using EU tactics.

If I had been leading the British negotiations I would have negotiated in good faith, both because that's the best approach and because its what I believe in. However every time one of them lied, about cherry picking, British intransigence because we won't immediately meet every EU demand or sought to move the goal posts after Britain makes a concession I would damned well call them on it. Initially in private but in public if they kept it up, especially given all the lies their been spreading. I know enough about history - I would suggest more than you given your ignorance about Britain - to know that appeasing bullies and bandits never works.

I do agree on one point. The EU insistence on being as disruptive as possible is only going to help bigots and haters who like scapegoating people, including right wingers like you. Your no doubt going to have a feeling of glee that will only increase the worst the mess the EU makes of it but you won't accept your scared delusion is responsible for much of it.