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Lazy Lady 13 5, 7:07pm


"Your simply unable to accept any viewpoint that disagrees with you aren't you!"

No - I have no problem accepting what your viewpoint is. And you're perfectly entitled to hold that of course.
It is however not in any way based on fact - which is why you and the others Brexiter's rage is so impotent.
No matter how much you huff and puff on about what you believe, reality still won't conform to your fantasy.

"I have repeated made points and because you disagree rather than actually read them and think about them you post your normal dribble"

You've made points based on fantasies with no basis in reality. I've responded to those by pointing our reality. That doesn't suit you, so you ignore what I write and instead repeat you fantasy ad nauseam.

"assuming, without any evidence, that I'm one of the deluded far right bigots. [Which if you ever read my posts you would realize I wasn't]."

You're like a broken record, so let me reply by quoting myself as I've already answered this exact point several times already:

"Regarding why you're saying things I've made far fewer assumptions then you've claimed. As I pointed out above I've never actually claimed you where "brainwashed by the right wing press" for instance.

But it's clear your understanding of the issue is based on the kind of nonsense eurosceptic propaganda that lead Gove to defend rejection of the facts with the memorable quote "I think that the people of this country have had enough of experts"."

"Ghandi, while irresponsible in some ways was working for Indian independence not control over another people by force. As such there's no comparison with Gibraltar where Spain wants to control it regardless of the wish of its people AND as YOU YOUSELF said you would see the EU supporting Spain in achieving its aims."

1.) You've offered no proof that Spain "wants to control [Gibraltar] regardless of the wish of its people".

2.) But making that baseless assumption, you then go on to make the further assumption that the EU and I too would favor such an action, based on my words that:

"If Britain leaves the EU she will become a counterpart to the EU. Then obviously the EU:s position will change from now trying to mediate a conflict over Gibraltar within the EU-family, to one where the EU obviously will back the only nation in the EU - Spain."

3.) To make this baseless assumption, you deliberately ignore that I clearly wrote:

"Regarding the wish of the people of Gibraltar that's obviously important and the EU obviously wouldn't back any decision that's not supported by the people who live there."

4.) In reality, the most likely resolution of the issue is instead what I pointed out before:

"Thus we'll just have to wait and see what the population of Gibraltar prefers in the long run - remaining British subjects outside the EU, or becoming Spanish and rejoining the EU."

The EU will, like I've pointed out, obviously never back any decision on Gibraltar that's not supported by the people who live there.
And as far as I know Spain has never even proposed any such action (and you certainly haven't supported your claim of any such intention from them with any source, what so ever).

But Britain's own decision to leave the EU might very well end up souring the population of Gibraltar on it's connection to Britain. As well as several other parts of the UK that might, over time, see more benefits inside the EU then being part of an isolationist little England.

Again, that would then be results of Britain's own decision to leave and not some evil plot by the EU.
But you seem unable to see that Brexit could have any consequences not promised by the Brexit campaigners - except if they're masterminded by the evil EU, that is.

I'll just give the rest of you comment a pass as it's just the same broken record playing over again.

It doesn't matter how many times you whine about it - I've already explained to you why you're not getting what the Brexiter's promised you.

It was never going to happen - everyone not campaigning for Brexit told you so before the referendum.
You and people like you just wouldn't listen - just like you're not listening now.