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Lazy Lady 14 5, 9:43pm


The problem is that your so blinkered you are unable to consider you may be mistaken. As such you prefer deciding what people think than reading what they say. As such this constant repeating that I [and every other person who now supports leaving the EU are ranting bigots blinded by propaganda by the Tory press. The fact this isn't the case and I've made clear to you it isn't is less important to you than the fact you have to assume it is as otherwise you have to understand what people are actually saying.

That's why you keep saying that I'm whining about not getting everything the hard line Britexers wanted. Despite that being both false and nothing to do with what I'm saying. Your stuck in a rut of your own blind ignorance and will continuing repeating that rather than look at the facts. Similarly that's why you never consider what I've said, let alone attempt a meaningful answer to that. You will continue to stew in your blind bigotry and hatred because to actually open your eyes and listen to alternative views would mean questioning your own assumptions and your too much of a coward to do that.

On the issue of Gibraltar I called it imperialist because you initially said you see the EU supporting Spain's claim, which is based solely on the "we want it and we don't give a damn what the people living there think". You have back-tracked on that by saying that the EU wouldn't support the ignoring of the rights of the people, which is a definite improvement on what you said before but is certainly a reversal of what you said before.

It might be that the Gibraltarians might decide, given the hostility displayed by the EU and the incompetence by the Tories that they are better off staying part of the EU, in which case, while I would be sad to see them go I would accept that as their right. However that doesn't mean their necessarily forced to accept Spanish territorial demands and I can see that being a sticking point if the EU stays so opposed to self-government.

As you say your unable to see you can be wrong so there's no point in continuing this 'debate'. If your ever willing to actually listen to what other people say then by all means contact me again but until then forget it. I reverse the right to challenge you when you make false and inaccurate claims, as you have done repeatedly but I don't see any point in wasting any further time on your delusions.