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Lazy Lady 15 5, 3:58pm


Lets look at some facts.

a) I pointed out that the current stance of the EU for a hard exit will cause problems for a lot of people inside the EU.

You continually rant about my alleged dissatisfaction with the poor deal that Britain is getting and that this is because I've been deluded by extremist propaganda from the Tory media. I'll fully agree that Britain is getting a poor deal and a lot of blame is due to the incompetence and mismanagement of the Tories as much as the repeated and clear dishonesty of the EU mis-leaders. [By which I refer to what they themselves have said not as you continue to assume without any evidence, a twisted version of this in the Tory media.] However:
i) This is nothing to do with the points I have raised and which you completely and repeatedly ignore.

ii) As I have repeated said I know about the crap that is the Tory media and what garbage they say, on the EU and many other issues. I have repeated made clear I don't read it. You finally accept that, as I have told you repeatedly, my primary source is the BBC. However that meant rather than accept I'm not necessarily an ignorant bigot you immediately assume the BBC is highly anti-EU. You just can not accept anyone can disagree with you and may have a point.

b) On Spain as YOU say "Then obviously the EU:s position will change from now trying to mediate a conflict over Gibraltar within the EU-family, to one where the EU obviously will back the only nation in the EU - Spain". You don't say they will back Spain if they think the Spanish have a legitimate claim but they will back Spain regardless. I pointed out that that lacks any moral restriction. At that point you did back-track.

I'm quite happy to accept you may have meant back Spain if Spain was in the right, which their clearly been shown not to be by multiple referendums. However that's not what you said. You could have come back and clarified your statement by saying you phased it wrongly but that would have admitted you made even the smallest mistake and you don't have the self-respect to do that so once again you take an aggressive response, claiming I was seeking to misrepresent you.

c) I think the point in issue here is that you continue to misunderstand/ignore what I'm saying. My problem with you is your insistence that anyone who disagrees with you is at least an ignorant bigot misread by anti-EU propaganda and at worse evil. You have no concept that you could be mistaken/misinformed yourself, let alone that another view could be valid. Hence the way you keep failing to address the points I raise.

I can't see any way you will broaden your viewpoint so I see no point in continuing this 'discussion'. That would require both of us to accept we might not be totally correct and the other might have a point and only one of us is willing to do that.